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Barbizon is a school that prepares / grooms young women for the entertainment and modeling industries. They are NOT agents or managers.

I brought my daughter to Barbizon so she could learn discretion and grace for whatever career she may choose for herself. She has learned how to act in society, take care of her body, with respect from aspiring young ladies. They have a desire to break into the world with an attitude of bravery, pursuing their dreams while they are young and learning how to handle the rejection this life hands out sometimes AND get back on their feet. If you think it is all about just getting the job, you are deceiving yourself and are attending Barbizon for the wrong reason.

We have spent some money, yet I must say, the photographer's prices are very low compared to hiring them ourselves and other fees are more than reasonable. The experiences have been fun and something the whole family has enjoyed. For instance, The Washington DC Competition (2015) was only a couple of days but we made the stay into a week long vacation and had a great time. (You are going to do these things anyway, why not do them while building up your child's self esteem?) The point is this, do your homework, just because you didn't get what you thought you were getting, doesn't mean the business is a scam or they are haters.

It is what you make it and at least your kids will look back and say... "my mom and dad did something positive with me when I was young." Thank you for being a part of our life Barbizon!

Reason of review: Overall good experience.

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