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Some of the Barbizon locations do offer advanced opportunities. By no means are you required to pay for these nor will it affect your current status with our company. We would simply like to offer the opportunity should you be intersted.

My Daughter is in barbizon school now. paid 3000.00 dollars.

for the classes. She has been going for the last three months. In her last class her coach encourage her to go to this audition in December. Her audition did not go so well, she froze on stage.

I did not think she would be chosen, but she was. They said she did wonderful just a little nervous and wanted 3000.00 dollars more. Even though we have paid barbizon 300.00 dollars.

So yes I think it is a scam. All they want is your hard earn money.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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My daughter is in Barbizon, loves her classes and I did not pay anywhere close to 3,000 for classes.

They have said that they will have a search next year for the national convention they participate in but they told us from day 1 that there would be a fee for that and it was optional.

I asked a lot of questions up front and they answered them all. I also new that there would be a fee for training.

My daughter loves it!!!

to Linda #792071

This makes me suspicious. Are Barbizon now writing false reviews?

to Anonymous Norfolk, Virginia, United States #831653

I think so.


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