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We would like to make this right for you and to speak with you further to best address the situation with the school your daughter attended. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and would like to apologize again for your poor experience. Please contact us at

i paid for "training " for my daughter or be on TV or to get on American Idol.the tricky advertising and slick sales people only cared about taking my money the classes were horrible and then there was only an offer for me to pay even more money for a *** event called IPAC.

call the owner lena lionetti at 415 367 5065 or even better call consumer complaint officer for the county of san francisco at 415 551 9575 to report the larry lionetti family and barbizon and IPAC for FALSE HOPES AND FALSE ADVERTISING..if you are lucky you will be able to stop their fraud and save other families for this in justice.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I think these people at Barbizon are very good at taking advantage of young girls and their parents' bank accounts.


I worked for them in Sacramento...they ripped off many students here as well!! Made promises they had no intention of fulfilling. Committed financial aid fraud.


Barbizon is a "training" school to help girls of all ages

to learn. You can never guarantee anything in life. Barbizon

helps these students to network. I think the Lionetti's

deserve an apology from all of your back-lashing.


I've worked with these people.They do not pay their bills.

They keep smiling and telling you the check is in the mail meanwhile it never comes.Larry Lionnetti spends most of his time on a boat while he cheats his customers.


barbrizon is a tarabal company :cry :cry :( :( :cry :cry :( :upset :eek :? :? :eek :( :cry :upset



This is how it went!

Approached in a mall and given an invitation card. Went to the place and had to watch a boring vidoe and it kept talking about investment! My child had to go do a practice runway and then stood in a long long for an inteview. I was told to be quiet and my child was not even 10!

So, we waited for a call back to see if my child was accepted for Barbizon. The calls were not supposed to be any later than 7. We waited and no call. So, we went on doing our own thing and I checked my messages and they called. So we called back but said sorry since you didnt answer we went to the next perosn! WTF??? So, I argued about how that is not fair! So, they let my child in and we were NOT given the option for a payment plan! So, we paid the $2,000 right then and there. Barbizon is just a school and had a blast! Except they got NO experience for fashion shows or anything! They did NOT even give the make up kits like promised in the contract! Also we found out that you can't go to any Barbizon if you move! We had such a hard time for them to let us go to redo (make up classes for the ones missed).

Garduation day came and that day the make up artist never showed! They hired so lady to do the hair and the...

The photogragper was not dressed very decent either (holey shirt and etc.) They each only had 2 mins of picture time. Then, they had the graduation (your own clothing) and following was the interview my some talent agent. The interview was the slate, runway, and commercial.

After that you were handed a lot of papers and had to scedule a one on one interview with the agent. (every one got that)

Well, we went and my time was taken up by the person before me. My time was cut short to only 15 mins, and it was supposed to be an hr! Also that 15 mins was interupted by calls she said she had to take because it was another parent! She gave the computer to me to scroll through the pictures on my own!

Was picked for high fashion.

So then the process began and it went to *** very fast!

The instrutors try to force acting on you, they are rude, they yell at the children, get in their faces, and etc.

You are told about things at the very last minute. We had to find outfits that fit their list to the exact in 1 week! Plus the potos were $550 if you bought that day and $900 if you wanted a payment plan.

They they complained if the attire was not what they wanted but yet they only gave you actually less than a week. (6 days) SO, they had to deal with the best I could get!

You are not allowed to watch not even 5 mins like you were told you could as a parent!

Oh and there is more! We were told we could not talk or ask the instrutors questions and if you did you were a stage parent!

We were not all owed to talk and emails were being deleted with out being read! I have proof of everything!

We were told we had to pay the full amount of $10,000 by that next Friday (for June 2011 IPAS) Yet the contract had another date on it! We were also not told it had to be paid in full before attending. They violated contracts!

They told ones they could no longer go to classes like they said we could. Their excuss for us is that we were not paying payments but WE WERE the entire time! I also have proof of this!


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Mount Vernon, Kentucky, United States #252451

Barbizon Charlotte, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky.Biggest scam.

I worked for them and there words are close, close, close.Get the money no matter what it takes!


You guys shut the *** up famouse pepole went there too!

My sister went there and was about tobe famouse and have her own show called "BRENDII"! but Victoria Justice Stoloe the Show! Im pissed off now!

Mount Vernon, Kentucky, United States #242666

After ur kid graduates u get picked for IMTA scam over 5,000.00 $$$$$$


:( We just had the most unpleasant experience at BARBIZON SCAM SCHOOL / IPAS Company with the cross eyed director named LESLIE GONZALES - she was pushy like the most miserable, garbage used car salesperson you could imagine. It looks to me like barbizon / IPAS ( IPAC SCAM ) hires only miserable lying kind of people out there to run the sales and to be on the sales team - save you family from these crooks PASS ON IPAS !!!


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