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My parents sent me to Barbizon a couple years ago in hope that it would help me gain some confidence (which i seriously lacked).

I attended the graduation ceremony and was spotted my multiple agents who thought I had potential. A couple months later i booked with an agency out of Los Angeles and have been with them ever since. I have gotten TONS of work and have actually earned enough money to buy myself a car. I continue to get work and the people who hire me think it's great that I can already do everything they need me to do (things I learned at Barbizon).

So the truth is that Barbizon doesn't promise you work but they teach you great skills that will help you throughout life. I think Barbizon is amazing and it gave me so much confidence and taught me so many skills that are helpful in other areas than modeling and acting. I came from a Barbizon center in Alabama (yes ALABAMA), and now I'm getting modeling jobs all over the country. If you really want to gain confidence and have a shot at making it big, than Barbizon is the place for you.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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does Barbizon find jobs for you? or do find job out there? :roll

to Marlene #662973

Once you complete call your classes, they will call you often to send you mulitple casting calls. you have to be patient.


So a representative called me and im supposed to go to a evaluation , I alot of confidence in myself but I dont know much about Barbizon I want to know what they're about before I go. What is it like ?

Is it classes that prepare you then get you into jobs or is Barbizon a modeling/acting school? Whar is the buisiness based on


I just got my call today saying that they really want me to be in the program. I really hope this is worth all the sacrifices that I'm about to make.

It is my destiny to become an actor.

I'm willing to take every chance I get. Life is full of chances, you just have to take them


I'm scared i really dont have enough money and i dont know wat to do .... i really want to go to barbizon ...

nd my mom keeps procrastinating. :upset :sigh :( :cry :? :x :( im aggrivated btw ____ im from Raliegh, NC


I am a student at Barbizon and I enjoy the classes, however there is some truth to what others are saying. If you just want a fun class to go to then this counts.

However the majority of their income is from students rather than from booking their clients jobs. Consider each student pays 1,500 and there are 24 in my class. That is 36,000 and there are at least three other classes going on right now, so that makes $144,000. And that is for a 15 week period where they can pick up new classes as the old ones begin to graduate.

So without overlap they make $499,200 (overlap in classes). There are only approx 10 women working here. So if you were to add in for overlapp you would end up with around $643,200 (probably more) divide by ten you get 64,320 per person. And at least five of those ten workers does not make great money (one rides public transit, others drive beaters).

So that means that if they are each paid even 20,000 less that the top dogs are getting plenty of revenue. So that leaves the question where is the incentive to find jobs for models? All their income needs are met by finding new people to take their classes. Also the modeling agency that they work with is go figure owned by the same woman that co-owns barbizon.

Furthermore the BBB states that Barbizon is no longer operating. While I enjoy the class I have no illusions about getting a job with them after I graduate. The cream on top of the milk is that they offer jobs that have already been posted on Craigslist.

So if you want to have fun and you can afford it go ahead, but remember that there are other ways to find jobs.

If you are good your good. Me I am just funny.

to Honesty Elk Grove, California, United States #952005

First of all, Barbizon is NOT an agency responsible for finding you jobs. (at least on the West coast) Barbizon is a finishing school that teaches performing arts-acting, modeling, vocals and in some places, dance.

Barbizon changed my life for the better in ways I cannot describe. I entered the program with very low self esteem and lacking confidence. 6 months later I was a very different and sophisticated young lady! I won 2 pageant titles, modeled bridal gowns, did radio voice overs and became a motivational speaker at the age of 16.

The money aspect of Barbizon is VERY REASONABLE when you consider the life-long benefits of being "A Barbizon." Trust me, in California it costs on average $2,500 to be a high school cheerleader for 1 year and that's more than attending one of Barbizon's 6 month programs!

I will forever be grateful for my Barbizon training. If you are accepted to attend, JUMP on it!!


I'm Still In Barbizon. I Have Not Graduated Yet...

But So Far. I Dont Think Its A Scam. I Frickin Love It!! I Dont Have Stage Fright Anymore...

And I Have A History Of Depression, And They Have Helped Me Alot.I Have Met So Many Wonderful People And Learned So Many Things. Ive Done The American Mall Model Search, Model Productions, The, And Now Barbizon. Im Trying So Hard To Be On Disney Channel. I Dont Know If Im Doing The Right Things To Be On There...

But If You Have Advise...

Please Tell Me. :) :) :)


I was picked to do barbizon modeling but a couple of my friends were also picked too. so does that meanwewere all good or do the company pick everyone, and think we will never find out?.

and they ask for all this money up front i really want to do it but i dont want it to be a scam that will be a lot of money. :?


I just got done with month 2. Barbizon is NOT a scam.

And even if you dont get work, you learned alot, PLUS you get an agent! Im hoping i get work!

:roll I really want to! I think I will because i have a striving passion to do this


babrizons not a scam, it teaches you alot although the jobs arent guarenteed its a great experence and if you get a intrview with them take it caz itl change your life:) :) :zzz


babrizons not a scam, it teaches you alot although the jobs arent guarenteed its a great experence and if you get a intrview with them take it caz itl change your life:) :) :zzz


I got a text from Barbizon last week and i scheduled for auditions, my whole families telling me its a scam but i havent lost hope yet. The director told me the classes were free, is this true? Tons of people have told me i should be a model so i decided to research it and ive found alot of bad and good things about it, does anyone know how much you would have to pay?

to Mel Elk Grove, California, United States #579374

my sister and i might go but they told us it was 2,000 dollars for modleing ....soo idk friends tell me that its a scan and they just want ur money soo....i kind of dont believe it soo.....

to Mel Hammond, Louisiana, United States #734124

you have to pay 2,160.00 dollars they said that i made it they try to get you to be based on becoming a model when in reality its not its just a build confidence or high self-esteem school more than a modeling train agency its a school more like college for confidence instead of a agency for school then they show you these actors like tyra banks and etc like they went there saying barbizon is where it started when tyra banks herself said she never went there no modeling agaent will ever pick you if you have this compANY as a source on your resume because its like pageant school more than a modeling training type of thing and you dont need to pay to become or train a model cause your going to get paid to model and the agents pay for you to get trained properly.

to dont be dumb Elk Grove, California, United States #952008

DONT BE ***!!!!! Without training, no agent will even consider working with you-Agents get you jobs, NOT BARBIZON.

Barbizon training helps you find an agent to represent you....Agents make 20% of whatever you make. Get your facts straight


So I went to an interview for Barbizon and I am pretty sure they let all the new comers in to the school. The problem is that I have no idea if it is a scam!

I just know I would feel better if I paid $2000 and didn't make it rather then waste my time going to a $50,000 acting college and not make it! I want to give it a shot but my father thinks it is a sham and that I won't get anything out of it. Some people on other websites are saying we should beware of the evil called Barbizon, but others are saying how it was amazing and worth their time. I think that is why everyone is having such a hard time with this and that is really unfair.

I don't know if I will ever be able to do this, but I don't know anymore wether I should or not!

I seriously hate conspiracies! :cry


I got an interview from Barbizon Modeling and Acting :\

First, me and my dad showed up at around 10 AM Saturday morning, sat in a big room full of about 40-50 people, listened to a bunch of videos for about 45 minutes, then listened to a woman talk about her experiences with Barbizon. After her 45 minutes, we had to wait another half hour to be called out into a room in the hotel we were at. Then, we were taken to another room and told to go to a table, where our rep would be waiting to interview me. She sat down and looked at my interview sheet, then began asking me questions.

After about 15 minutes of our interview, it was over. She said thank you for coming, she'd call me monday to let me know what my results were. She gave me her personal cell phone number, too. Well, I got my results. I've been selected to begin attending Barbizon Modeling and Acting school on Saturday. However, it will cost my dad $350 as a down payment. :\

BTW: We live in WI.

Mount Vernon, Kentucky, United States #265079

A former employee shared with me and my daughter about this scam. IN fact the references they give are employees posing as happy parents, even the staff is to write a good review everday on these sites.

And most importantly, these are Sales people, ask for their LAST name, google them, (thought they worked in the industry??), check out the BBB, and find out if they are licensed with the Board of Education. They want your money in less than 24 hours, and seem to care, but WHAT DO YOU REALLY KNOW ABOUT YOUR SALES WOMAN??


I am currently taking my classes at barbizon, i had such a great experience and ill be graduating next month! im really excited and i wanna give it my all to make my parents happy and also my director!

I Love Barbizon it has helped me in so many ways like speaking in public having more confidence about what i am and what i can be.

I say You Should Try It Out Its A Great Exoerience! :)


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