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We are sorry you were not happy with your Barbizon experience. We recommend calling the Barbizon you attended to make sure they have updated information in their systems so your daughter can find out about opportunities in here area.

Barbizon sell big dreams to kids. The vast majority of kids that go thru there go home hurt, less self confidence because they weren't selected, angry, and broke.

We have spent over $14000.00 on their trips, pix, classes, etc., and when we asked them to tell us EXACTLY what they were doing for us, they said "the economy is bad right now and nothing is happening" If your kid needs self confidence, pay a counselor. Barbizon is definately not the place to start your kids on their way to success in anything.

Especially self confidence. Im extremely disappointed

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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:) 8) I keep hearing ALL this STUFF about barbizon. "OH its a scam" and "You'll waste your money if you do this." And I was bummed out cuz im in their classes now and im 5'9 so I thought it was my chance to make it.

But I come out most of the people slamming barbizon werent in it and the rest didnt make it cause they werent good enough. I think if you got the talent, barbizon can really help you break into the industry.

But you have to do some work too. And let me tell you EVERY industry have SOME type of scam thats the way this world works

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Check out the BBB listing. we found out Barbizon of Charlotte, NC , aka, Barbizon Academy is NOT with the BBB ! Be aware!

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Call Baebizon international and get your refu d

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Yea at grad they said I had a huge audition and it's for Discovery Cruise, doesn't include airfare and everyone is picked if u have the $. Omg quit asking my parents for money! SCAM :(


Yeah BArbizon is a great place to go if you have lots of money. We spent over 9000.00 on a trip to NY.

because Barbizon said there would be "TONS" of directors and agents there. What a joke. They wanted me to go to Charlotte for an "interview" When I got there, it was an all out sales pitch for me to pay $1500.00 to go on a 2 hour cruise and meet "TONS of DIRECTORS and AGENTS" Getting to the location would be at my expense also. WOW.

I asked how many of these BEAUTIFUL girls would be selected by these directors and agents and I was told that there was no way to know but usually everybody got a call back. SOUNDED like the NY sales pitch so I asked this question---if all these girls are going to get a call back and Barbizon is going to make money on all "their" tallent, then why were all these girls required to pay the $1500.00 to "GET NOTICED" MAN, THIS PET ROCK THING IS REALLY STARTING TO MAKE SENSE. Needless to say, I didnt go and neither did a lot of the other girls. I, like other folks apparantly, cant even get Barbizon to call me back.

WHATS UP WITH THAT??????? Face it,,,,,Barbizon dont do anything for you that you cant do for yourself. They just charge you LOTS of money to make you convince yourself that YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES.....Good Luck With That. If you really have what it takes, they should be paying you.

Do ya think Angelina Jolee or Brad Pitt pays people to let them work ?????

THINK ABOUT IT. Tell them you dont have any money but you cant wait to start their class=see what happens.

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Barbizon Charlotte , Sarah ran out credit card without us signing papers. I called all my Friends that went to the interview and she said the same thing to all of us.

We all made it.

My advise call your friends, compare notes, and my mom found out they really need money to keep business going and not with schools anymore legit. :(


The one i go to only asked for 1,600. where are you geting 14,000 from?

And they dont promise you fame and riches. they even tell you how hard it is in this industry, and how its verry unlikely that you will be a supermodel. and steve is right, the people makeing complaints also say they didnt go thru it. I graguate next month, and this class has done nothing but help me with my acting skills and makeup and runway modeling, plus, ive made lotts of new friends in my class.

i do admit that they claim you make it with them choosing a few out of a hundred, but more and more keep coming, and thats really wierd, but then again concider that they constantly have "contracts" and classes ending-thus need more people.

My point is all they claim is to be a class. nothing mroe.


well I think barbizon is good this is my second week now I hope I get a job and put me on some adds.I want this really bad.I wonder do u get signed by agents after u graduate.


I have attended barbizon, this is just my expirence with them. There were commercials all over the t.v.

and the radio that they were going to be in my area holding audtions(open calls) to get into their classes. I was so excited and really wanted to go. My mother ended up taking me it was held in a hotel and 100's of people showed up. We were given a number and had to do a little commercial in front of everyone in front of a camera, after that we spoke with people affiliated with barbizon they asked me some questions about why I wanted to be with them and what not.

The next day we were given a time to call ,and I was chosen supposedly a few out of the 100's(I dont know if thats true or if everyone was choosen). Also, I was told they needed to know soon because the classes were going to be starting up within the month.It, took my family a while to decide if they were going to let me do it because of the cost and wondering if it was a scam. But, barbizon was patient they wernt mad I didnt sign up within the time frame they had set. So my family signed me up and I found out they classes were 2 hours away from where I lived.

Since, I didnt live close to the area I couldnt attened the classes with a class full of 10 or 12 people. But, they told me they really wanted me and had faith and set up a seperate set up with me. Instead of going to them once a week for 6 months or what not for a couple hours these classes were with just me, and other classes were going on with groups of people it was suprised they were willing to set something up with just me, it was awesome. I ended up going once a month and was there for 8 hours a day.

I did learn a lot about runway, speaking, poise, acting, photo shoots and posing. It really did help me with my confidence. I graduated and recieved my certificate. The next process was to get signed by their agent, which was form to fill out and send back.

My dream turned to fall on the back burner because of college. But, barbizon did give me a lot of confidence. They also tell you when you do their classes and what not you are signed with them for life and do not have to make any more payments if you need to take classes for brushups.

A scam does not offer that to you. I think it was a good expirence exspence but worth it.



if you really dont want to pay, send in pictures and resumes to the diffrent agency's in atlanta. try and set up interviews.

if they like you, they might sign you, which should be free.

there are tons of free work everywhere. good luck- :zzz


Does anyone know of an agency that you do not have to pay to get modeling work. If so, I would like to know of any in the Atlanta area.

I just don't think we should waste any time with Barbizon. ;) :)


It started in Hickory when they signed us up and at that time, we were told it would stay in Hickory, We liked that because its near our home, 3 weeks later they told us we had to go to their location way on the other side of Charlotte (rock hill)so we had to drive there every week and sometimes twice a week. We wouldnt take our daughter and drop her off so we had to stay. It was very expensive.


If Barbizon is so good at what they do, and get so many people all the great "work" then again, I ask, why do you have to pay them? My daughters agent told us that you should never be charged anything to work.

Think about it, it does make sense. Why won't Barbizon return a phone call. Why do they make all these huge promises they don't keep. ?????????

My daughter never wanted to be a medel. She went to Barbizon for the ACTING aspect of it. Im still waiting for them to fulfill their promises about their so called "contacts" with producers and casting directors. If you really want to know how good Barbizon is, tell them how badly you want to take their "training" for a year but you don't have any money.

See what they tell you. Then you will know the real deal


Wow can you people not see a scam a mile away or what? No wonder the guy who invented the pet rock made a million bucks.


im in it right now and its fine. it never said it was an agency.

its a school and training to becom a model or actor cost a lot.

ywah they dont promise you a job, but you do get the right training and confidents. i'll be graduating in about a few months


Whether you are looking for a modeling agency, a regular school, or helping your child advance in today's world, you have to look at the cost vs. the results, or in business terms, your ROI- return on investment.

Sure, schools are expensive, especially the ones that have excellent classes and have contacts in the industry when you graduate. Lots of people are complaining here that never seemed to start or complete the classes, so it's unfair to complain because you are an outsider who has never experienced the school's results. Even if you DO go through and graduate, what do you expect? That everyone will be beating down your door with modeling contracts worth millions of dollars?

NO! You have to start at the bottom like everyone else, and work at this job 24 hours a day every day. That's the secret to success no matter what you do. Too may parents think the road to fame and fortune just happens- it doesn't.

Brook Shields was a child actress, and if you read everything her mother wrote about her auditions and how much time it took to get her noticed, you will begin to understand how hard it is to get a break. But IF you do, then you can look back an say that EVERY school, every class, every step you took was well worth it. I have been running a music program for teens for the past year here in Chicago, and you would not believe how hard it is to get the teens to get up and get moving, and even worse, get the parents to get involved. Too many parents think that things happen all by thenselves.

You have to have a plan, and execute it, whether you are in modeling or any other profession. Work at this modeling/acting/performing and you WILL be successful.

At the least your child will learn how to handle themselves and be ready for life in the real world. Barbizon is not just a modeling agency- they are life coaches who teach poise, style, and grace- things that are sorely missing in today's teens.


Which Barbizon did you go to?? That doesn't sound like anyting my daughter went through.

$14,000 for what? We were not asked to purchase pictures or travel.


I can confirm that Barbizon does mislead the girls and families that sign up. I got inside scoop.

They do lie to everyone.

There is no selection process or real talent search if you have the money and are not morbidly obese you are in like flint. I


barbizon does not claim to be an agency. They are there to teach kids, and to somewhat help them get together with agencies.

Barbizon however has never tried to tell me that they themselves are an Agency. They are a modeling/acting/personal development school. I was the top student of my graduating class over this summer. I left barbizon feeling much better about myself, and thanks to things I was taught in my classes, I am able to go into an audition and not be scared out of my mind.

I'm still nervous, but who doesn't get that way.

Barbizon is not a rip off, it is really up to you, or your children to get out there, to send in your papers to agencies, to go to auditions. Barbizon never claims to make you famous.


My understanding is Barbizon Modeling Agency. Irregardless of the title, they make all kinds of promises they do not keep.

They told our class they had discovered (name withheld) when in fact, he was discovered in a bar in a very small town in Texas. They continued to tell us how they would put our daughter "OUT THERE" and work very hard for her. I would just like to know exactly what it is that they call HARD work. I am still waiting onsomeone to contact me from there from a phone call I placed 2 weeks ago.

I dare say you are one of the lucky ones. Wonder how much it cost you to be so lucky. My daughter just finished working on a film and it didnt cost us anything. This of course was not the result of anything Barbizon helped us with.

If Barbizon is so good at "working" all this tallent they have available, why do people have to pay them? Where are all these paying jobs and these BIG producers and BIG directors they talk about all the time? We spent an entire week in NY and were told beforehand that the BIG SOTS would be there all week. We would meet lots of them.

We arrived on Sunday, the BIG SHOTS arrived the following Thursday. There were thousands of kids there from as far away as Colorado because of what Barbizon had told them. The parents I spoke with were not any more impressed with Barbizon than I am. They spent thousands of dollars for that trip and just like me, they felt decieved and mislead.

One person there I spoke with came in from California, represented by another agency and it didnt cost them a third of what it cost me.

They had the same accomendations etc and more airfare so it just doesnt make sense that Barbizons trip was so much more expensive. In my opinion, Barbizon is just a big money racket no matter how you add it up.


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