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We are sorry you did not experience the program and all it has to offer. And more so we are sorry to hear your son was upset. It is never our intention.

I knew going in to this that it was a scam. unfortunately we would do anything for our kids.

After we got our card in the mail and calling them I asked if they were going to try to sell us modeling classes and they stated "No". I took my son to the BS seminar and sure enough they filled his head with false hopes and dreams and then hit us with the sales pitch.

My fault for falling for it in the first place. Now my son is crushed, angry at me, and Barbizon will get their naive fools that actually pay.

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New Market, Maryland, United States #959862

I actually went to Barbizon in 1985 for an entire year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The goal was not to be famous and it was never presented that way.

They are celebrating their 75th anniversary, and you don't last that long by scamming people. Barbizon is a modeling school NOT an agency.

SHAME on you for allowing your child to be so delusional. SHAME on you for not presenting the realities associated with this sort of endeavor.

You are blaming Barbizon, meanwhile it is you who have done an injustice to your own child. Go get some nice head shots done and send them off to some local agencies.

Do some research if it's really that important to your kid to explore a modeling career, but also set the right expectations, that's how you avoid disappointments.


I knew that when i was at the mall when the lady ran up to. Me i should have fell for it cause all that bs was a waste of time


Barbizon may have a big name, with a small time attitude.


Do you pay for College Education and then call the School a scam because your kid can't find a job? Do you pay for Horseback riding lessons and then call the Trainer a scammer because your kid did not choose to go into shows and make use of the money you paid?

Do you pay to send your kid to summer camp and then call them scammers because your kid did not like it? Do you pay dues at a church and say God is fake because you had to pay for it or because they asked for your money. Giving something for getting something is the building blocks our society has been built on. You don't get something for free and you don't get anywhere without education and mentoring.

If you are the parent putting this down you are the parent bringing your children down. Be happy they are wanting to participate it could be worse and when it gets worse for you, you did that.

to ***cerned #946003

No you don't pay for college and when your kid can't get a job say the schools a scam but nobody famous went to Barbizon and I've seen them prey on children who could never be a model so no all of the other things you listed had potential but not everyone has thousands of dollars to waste for their children's confidence to be built when they can do it other ways for a lot cheaper.

to Anonymous #968628

Linda Carter was a Barbizon girl. If you are not familiar with her she was Wonder Woman.

Caressa Cameron (Former Miss America), Carmen Electra, Ryan Phillippe, and Selena Gomez to name a few...all graduated from Barbizon.

*The more you know...


I'm seriously so ashamed of some of the posts I see on here. The world is seriously messed up when a mother can't see the benefit to paying $2300 to build their child's confidence, give them something to remember, add to their college application of accomplishments and back them on being what they want to be but they can spend quadruple that on counseling and medications because they are depressed and not call the Dr a scammer.

What guarantees are getting out the medical world that is taking all your money little by little. What guarantee have you gotten from the public school system when they are taking $1600 a year for school taxes on average in most states?

If you are a caring parent and want to see your child prosper and grow this school is great even if that is all they get out of it is a smile on their face to be a part of something like this regardless of rather they take anyone that pays or not. Hello I've seen parents pay thousands throughout their kids lives on dance lessons since their kids are two and three years old and the kids can't dance a lick.

Some of them do.. Hello!

Don't take away from a child the chance to be happy about something in their lives because you can't afford it or don't want it for your child. My child is happy to do it and I'm happy to pay it just for that. I spent more than this on a pool for their happiness.

Come on people wake up. Don't be dragged down by the negative. If you know in your heart it's an experience your child should have then do it regardless. Hello I just had a contractor take me for $8000 on our house that burnt down.

Everything has to be thought about before done.

Read the material know your options and go with what you think not what people try to tell you for their own selfish reasons.

Mother of a teen I am very proud of that applied to this herself was not approached and that will cherish every minute of it. Every child deserves to be Happy, I'm glad Barbizon is there to help make that happen.


Unfortunately not everyone makes it, just like not all the boys who participate in college football get to play in the NFL. You don't see anyone screaming the NFL is a scam.

My daughter was/is a Barbizon model and has been all over the world at only 19. She has been to Europe/Asia/New York/L.A. It took lots of hard work and dedication since she was 14yrs old. It finally paid off at 17.

A full 3 years from her start. I'm sorry your daughter/son didn't make it but I can assure you it works.

Wailuku, Hawaii, United States #725913

I am new at this barbizon thing its sounds like a school that are looking for certain types of people and i guess if the agents dont like you then they wont pick. thats what im getting out of all these comments.

I have my thing tomorrow and if thye dont like me then ill just try harder. WHOEVER POSTED THIS IS JUST STUP 8) ID!!!!


I am a Barbizon model and trust me, it is not a scam. The classes are a lot of money but they totally pay off.

My mother took me at the age of 13 and paid for the classes. At first we were very skeptical about the whole thing, but after all the classes, I learned so much. It made me more confident and it definitely improved my appearance. Barbizon is full of great opportunities and I wouldn't take back my experience.

My friend who attended the class with me has already been in magazines and on billboards.

Another is shooting a movie. So that's that.

to Anonymous #855655

For a confident model, that has learned so much, you sure show it by being 'anonymous'!

Tallahassee, Florida, United States #623494

im a barbizon model and it is not a scam....yall are making this up becuase yall didnt make it get a life

to sailorkeymiria #662102

Having gone to Len Chris Ann when I was younger, I contacted Barbizon about modeling classes for my *boys*. Taking modeling classes anywhere does not guarantee your child will succeed in the modeling career.

It takes dedicated parents and certain places look for certain looks.

Not sure if you went to what they call an audition, which is really an interview, but Barbizon (if you do your research) is a modeling school, which provides modeling and some light acting classes for personal presentation.

Maybe, based on your attitude, it would be helpful for you to take some classes? :grin

to sailorkeymiria #946007

It's because but okay thank you :) atleast I'm able to spell


This company is a HUGE scam. I too was told only limited spots as my twin daughters ages 15 were "Chosen" Or lack of a better term "Called back" my girls are extremely talented, outgoing, beautiful and smart.

They were told all the wonderful things and false promises were rendered all for a price of 3500 if not more. I told the rep let me sleep on it, she smiled and said no problem and to let het know very soon. She ended our meeting by telling my daughters be nice to mom and dad, do your chores and homework. Be good so that way you two can come here.

:eek I was shockd :roll I would never pay anyone to teach my daughter how to walk with heels on. This whole thing is nothing short from a money making rip off. In the process young girls get hurt. My daughters are smart and they even looked the other way when they heard the price.

We all walked out of their money in tact as well as their pride, dignity and self respect. And I never got a phone call back. Once she heard let me sleep on it and figured out my credit card was not being submitted to her right then and there she moved along to the next victim. It's called commission.

I would do ANYTHING for my children, and have. Their dad and I are 100% Supportive and will pay within reason. I refuse to be a financial fool. And to those parents who believe that there isn't a price tag on life, your wrong.

It is our job as parents to be there for them its also our job as a parent to teach out children that there are :roll people in life who will TAKE ADVANTAGE of you and will tell you ANYTHING and sell you an empty promises. I'm teaching my children to be wise, and that if you allow it others will steal it from you. My children have just as much talent and chance as those other children. I just don't have to pay rent prices to get them there.

Period. And judging from the form here some people instead of investing the money and pay to have someone tell you your pretty, maybe invest into an online course or a program to take home like H.O.P Or get used to using either spell check or

because the majority of the spelling on here is atrocious. :x

Fair Oaks, California, United States #612225

im allison i go to barbizon i am 11 years old and i find that barbizon is absulutly amazing ... this feb 23 i am going to graduate and get my headshots also i get a chance to sing,dance,model, or act for a world scout agent named julie im going to sing taylor swift safe and sound.....tot ecxited!! 8)

to allison Worcester, Massachusetts, United States #913910

My daughter was just excepted into Barbizon. We had tried other modeling agencies.

There was one where we paid and have gotten nothing out of it. With Barbizon you aren't paying for them to get your child a job. That is up to you. You are paying for the classes.

I have the list of classes they teach... poise and posture, radiant skin, projecting self confidence, posing basics, nutrition and exercise, effective speech and voice projection, nail care, runway basic techniques, basic make-up artistry, etiquette, presence and public speaking, photo-fashion vs commercial, hair care and style selection, becoming a better you, video modeling and body language, model as an actress, enhancing your eyebrows, eye make-up artistry, and acting workshops. This is where your money goes. I look forward to seeing where this takes my daughter.

This is something she has been wanting for such a long time. Oh, besides if you stop because say college, you can go back at any time. You are paid for life after these classes. Isn't your child's self confidence worth the money.

I know mine is.

What she does after these classes is up to us. Allison, I hope it all went well would like to here where you are now and how things turned out.


Barbizon is not a scam it's amazing I've already gotten my first job only one month after I graduated :(

to Anonymous Beaumont, Texas, United States #602040

really ? because im wanting to try it but im really scared to, im going to pay for it out of my money i have saved up.

to angie Redlands, California, United States #613063

I am telling you now honey...SAVE YOUR MONEY. Establish yourself in school.

Join choir, drama, art or yearbook staff. I say this because not only will it give you confidence money cannot buy but it will look great when you make out a resume when the time comes to model or act. it shows how outgoing you are with all your accomplishments. Best of luck to you on your journey, But some things money cannot buy, things that are free.

And there ARE talent scouts that DO choose others because they love the person for WHO they are and NOT what modeling/acting school you attended and how much money you have invested.

There is no price tag on natural talent and personality and it get chosen ALL the time for FREE, and is highly desired in this day and age within the industry. Be smart about it :grin


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