Dear [Barbizon],

I hope you are doing very well. I couldn't forget something about you while I was busy getting four kids ready for their first day of school. Please allow me to say how much I appreciated your support and faith in Brianna's full potential of being a fashion model, regardless of her deafness. You made it possible for me to bring her to the Barbizon competition. As well, you made my dedication to both daughters, Amella and Brianna, realistic and successful. Without your guideline, nothing would happen to her or me. Truly, I would love for us to continue and thrive the relationship in the future. You were, and are still the best thing that ever happened to Brianna and Amella. Forever, I am grateful for that.


Serafima M

Product or Service Mentioned: Barbizon Modeling School Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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