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I was getting compliments on my daughters eyes since she was 2 years old. Many strangers approached me with question: why don't you try modeling with her?

My daughter is very active and tall 9 yo. She attends rhythmic gymnastics 9 hours a week, play softball in local little league, plays piano and love skiing in the winter. I contacted couple of agents known by friends of ours. No success due to lack of experience in the industry.

I understand that no agent / company wants to waste their time to teach my child how to walk, how to pose etc... I spoke to several mothers who went through the Barbizon with their children and stated: "it's great program but you can't be money driven". I met mom who was signing up her third daughter into the program. That must be something good about it then.

I have spent $4,000 for swimming classes - both of my girls can swim, $5,000 on the piano classes that my kids can play an instrument, $15,000 for gymnastics etc...The point is; we (parents) choose activities for our children hoping that they will gain the experience necessary in life, however we never know which one will turn into job/ carrier/ hobby of the lifetime. Don't be fooled by a story of a girl who was just found on the street or the ba. How often does it happened? As Albert Einstein failed several times in elementary school, it doesn't mean that the path of each physicist is the same.

I actually know more scientist who were excellent in the school before they become successful scientists.

I hope my child will learn something in the program regardless of her later job placement. In conclusion, the prices for the lessons are rising in each sport or performing art.

Product or Service Mentioned: Barbizon Modeling School Modeling Classes.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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