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Like any business, we do have overhead expenses and there for we do have a fee for our program for things like supplies, teachers, classroom space, ect. We do hope your friend enjoyed the program.
Whiting, Indiana

This "school" is a complete and total joke.They make the kids believe that its some ultra-exclusive honor to be "allowed" to go here.well news flash THEY WILL TAKE ANYONE WHO IS WILLING TO PAY THEM OVER $2000.My friend went to the six month course (2 classes per month) and im really confused as to what exactly her "tuition" was going towards.The only thing that costs Barbizon anything was the price to rent out a couple rooms at a hotel two times a month.

At the "graduation" ceremony,which is a "fashion show",they dont do anyones make-up,hair,and they all wear their own outfits.I'm pretty sure they dont give out fashion tips either because some of the girls just looked like a hot mess. You dont have to look like a model or have any talent to go here. I actually feel bad for my friend because she actually has potential (shes skinny,pretty and tall) and here she is in this class with a bunch of random girls that couldve been picked up from off the street for all we know. The "ceremony" was very pathetic,the "instructor" was very uncoordinated and didnt know anyones name.

(I wonder if she even has any kind of experience in the industry).

BOTTOM LINE,if you are serious about wanting a career in acting or modeling DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL.It is a complete and total waste of money and I dont even know how these people sleep at night.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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i went 2 barbizon ...n it sucked.....they really r a rip off ....all i no is when i payed tht money ..i didnt pay it just 2 gain confidence....i did it because i wanted to be a model....n until today the only thing barbazon has done 4 me is sent me to other places to pay more money.... i wish i did not waste my parents money like tht....after payin so much money ....all i have 2 show 4 it is some cheap makeup....which doesnt even cost 1/4 of the money i payed....barbazion people r baddd people ...n if they r readin this i just want 2 say u have ript me off n i 4 gave n i am movin on with my life....but i day your lies will catch up with u ...


i attended Barbizon manhattan, and it was truly a BAD experience.Im not trying to be conceited,but i was the only "descent" looking one in my group, and i was told i was part of an exclusive group, that would be guaranteed a job..etc. well honestly this was not worth the $2,300 i paid. worst mistake ever.


They could care less if you get a modeling job.And they wouldn't know how to get you one anyway.

And most modeling agencies will laugh in your face if you tell them you went to Barbizon.These thieves take A HUGE AMOUNT of your money and know full well you'll never be a model and won't realize you've been ripped off until after you "graduate".


Well i went to the interviews and my friend did it wit me and they all got called on monday and then the people called me on tuesday. at first i was happy but then the man started pressuering me about the money and i didnt know wat to do and then he said give me your credit card number to save you a spot and me being f**kin *** :( i did and they took out 395 dollars and every day i call to say "no" and he says well u made an "agreement" i feel *** i am gonna cumit suicide because of them i said no so many times and he said its your life and i know that and i know what i want and it is to become a doctor not a model he thinks he knows wat i want wat should i do :( :cry :upset :( :( :( :( :( :(


i am one of the girls that went to the aduition ther is a speech that takes 2 hours and the wait to get u called to hav ur interview is also 2 hours u hav to pay li[ke 2000 and if u go to the klases it dosent meen ur going to get the job if i wer u i wold save the moni for colage or something beter its a rip off okay :( :( :( :( :eek


i was asked to bring my daughter to atl for an interview we r in indy shld we go


Hello all u unsure soon to be barbizon students!I am going to tell u something useful!

Barbizon is for anyone who wants to go but u can go to them or they can come to you. Barbizon is personal development, modeling, and acting. I made plenty of nice new friends at barbizon, now am doing advanced modeling(exclusive), and work there one day a week for the summer. I absolutely love to see all the people blossom into a beautiful confident new person.

You don't have to do it if u don't want to. U can get jobs from barbizon but remember it is not ford modeling agency. They encourage people to go to the big modeling agencies. Barbizon gives confidence, poise, and a better feeling about urself.

I loved it and am still carrying out the program.

Barbizon is not a scam but is not free, is anything?I would recommend it to anyone who I think would be interested.


No one has any guarantee after graduation. No promises, just the tools. The rest is up to the graduate


Correction.-- If you WANT your child to do good.


Really guys?This is Pethitic.

They are really good. and if you dont want your child to do good you have to be willing to pay what you need to pay and be devoted.

dont blast them over the internet!that shows how cheap you are


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