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me and my dad just got off the phone with barbizon and they said i have a iterview on the 21 but i dont know if this is fake or what.if this i sgonna coast melots of money im goona be pissed.

i dont know what to do,i would love if this is for real but im not wasting my time with omething thats just a scam. has anyone eles exually think this is for real.

im really involed with modeling thing and really wana do it, they better not ruin my dream.......sooooo what should i do

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #794387

Barbizon is real!Yes it may cost but I just graduated in June 2014.

In this little time after graduation I have participated in four live runway shows (hair, prom, and casual).

They really do prepare and better you for the work industry.Take full advantage on this oppurtunity.


I am a firm believer in Barbizon!!!Yes I did have to put some money into myu daughter with them but it was work it.

Its just like anything else you do you have to do research and 9 times out of 10 you have to spend some money in order to get great results. The agents and casting directors you come incontact with through barbizon are exspensive people. They just are.And they have to be paid just like everyone else in order to get you to the proper place of success. My daughter is on a role because of them and her own talent wrapped up in one.

Now if you have a child that loves acting/modeling make sure they put there all into it and is willing to work hard at what they are pursuing because these agents arent fake at all and they really have the credentials you the actor/model needs to really make it. If you are one of those type of people who assume you can get by by just giving minimal personality, work ethic, will, drive and ambition this whole scenerio isnt for you. You waste time and money. And if there is a parent reading this and you are the type thats gonna force your chold into this industry this isnt for you either.

Otherwise this company is NO HOAX! They are real and really have great credentials.

I can vouche.I was scared at first but like I said my daughter had the ambition and now its paying off.


Barbrizon will cost you money but when they call it is no hoax. someone had to have recomended you. but they have been in buisness for almost 80 years

to liney Buffalo, New York, United States #777247

You meanthey have been ripping people off for 80years!


Do you how many call back did the contestants from Pennsylvania get? Where the 150 agents from 150 agencies? thank you for your honest response.


Because we are independently owned and operated, Barbizon Midwest is its own entity.Please be careful in clarifying which Barbizon you are referring to.

Barbizon Midwest is always happy to resolve any issues within our own company.Phone: 847-241-6630


Check out our Barbizon MIDWEST website, blog (blogspot), facebook, twitter, or pinterest!


Dont worry , It's all legitimate .I just came from that same cruise yesterday it was so much fun and I gained a lot of new friends and contacts on the cruise .

You will get exposure on Passport To.

Discovery , I won my division and 5 other awards/scholarships plus I got a lot of callback not to mention I'm " African-American " lol so It's not a bias cruise.Good luck and congratulations to anyone who's going on the cruise & just left .

to Jessica Bailey Buffalo, New York, United States #777242

Yeah but you forgot to mention that the girls are required to PAY for this cruise! Barbizon is a JOKE. Even aftr paying the obscene amount of money for a total of 8 hours a month parents STILL have to buy the things the girls need for class.


Everyone, the Passport to Discovery is an EVENT not an agency. It is an event where they bring agents along so you can show them what you got. There seems to be a huge misconception in this submission.


ITS A SCAM! i actually went to try outs today, and my mom was sitting at the interveiw table thinking about it, she handed her credit card over and the lady did the work, the lady was supposed to take only160$ off my moms account and my mom cancelled it, the lady already took 700$ from her credit card, and the full payment is almost 2000$ any REAL agency would never ask for money. :(


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