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The audition is a scam. They just want us to send our kids to trainings to make money (over $2,000.) It does not matter if our kids have potential or not to be selected.

It is depend on if parents agree to pay it, and afford it. One of the information we had to provide on the form was actually parents occupation. When someone called before the audition, they said that we would not have to pay for any training even without any modeling experience if they are selected for placement. They also said on the phone that the company is also a staffing company, so they can start working as a model right away if they are selected.

However, at the audition, the information was completely different. Don't waste your time to go to the audition.

Reason of review: scam.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Plymouth, Michigan

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I’m glad it wasn’t just me that thought the audition was a scam also. I did my audition in the fall of 1992.

I was told by the school to do the black and white and color photo shoots on locations. The black and white being at the school and the color one at the beach in another state. I think I could have been reimbursed for travel expenses. The school and the beach for the photo shoot was the next state over.

I did all the required photo shoots and drove over three hrs for my audition. I don’t think I was there even 20 minutes when the reviewer said I could only submit my color photo shoot pictures for getting employment but my black and white photo shoot pictures weren’t acceptable so I could only be considered if I redid my first photo shoot at my expense

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