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Barbizon is a scam don't believe a word they say!!!

I know for a fact they are a scam because I use to work for them!! I couldn't do it anymore because it hurt my heart watching moms cry because they couldn't afford it.

Its all *** If you can afford 3000 they will accept you. There's no committee or panel. They don't look at your kids picture after u spend an hour listening to there lame *** spokes person who has NEVER been in the industry.So the whole "being accepted" is *** too!! They don't tell you that the big convention they have once a year costs 8000!

yes I said eight thousand dollars! which they show video of to get your hopes up! these people are *** artists. They make promises they cant keep.

If you feel your kid needs self esteem there are programs that don't cost 3000.

As a parent myself I understand u just want the best for your kid. As a parent my self don't fall for the Barbizon ***

Barbizon Modeling School Reply:
We are sorry you were not able to spend enough time with our company to experience all the wonderful things our program actually does for young people, especially helping them to build a positive self esteem. Many of our employees have been with us for over 20 years not because they have to work here but because they truly believe in what our program has to offer young people.
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment

Yes, they ripped us off too. It was all "your daughter has a special look".....'she can go places'.....they get your cheque, then they are out the door!

Poorly co ordinated, cheap makeup fact my daughter could have taught the class better!! It was a sham, scam and pure bull*hit. HUGE money grab for nothing.

Check out Dateline's episode on them. Shame on them.


and just to add, my daughter IS a model now. She learned NOTHING from fact she could have taught the "teacher" (I use the term loosely) a thing or two.

Wrong makeup, tips were silly and it was all a rush/mass production thing. It IS a scam!!!!

run and run away fast from any Barbizon promotions!! they are just there to take your money.


if your daughter is an obese 9 year old don't expext them to turn her into a model. It's a school not a miracle worker.

It's to learn. Thers no brainwashing bull. There's so many important things you learn and opprotunities they give you.

If you feel like you have what it takes and your family truly believes in you, it's worth every penny. It just depends on how badly you want it.


If you in fact worked for Barbizon you must be blind not to see our students and graduates grow and succeed. We have been training teens since 1939.

If you worked for Barbizon you signed a agreement to be truthful to our students and parents. It appears you were not and probably terminated. I guess you just do not understand our invaluable service.

I also noticed your grammar in your post,we never hire anyone that is not literate. I would like to offer you are modeling course at no cost so you can improve your attitude and ability to write.


If you in fact worked for Barbizon you must be blind not to see our students and graduates grow and succeed. We have been training teens since 1939.

If you worked for Barbizon you signed a agreement to be truthful to our students and parents. It appears you were not and probably terminated. I guess you just do not understand our invaluable service.

I also noticed your grammar in your post,we never hire anyone that is not literate. I would like to offer you are modeling course at no cost so you can improve your attitude and ability to write.


You probably shouldn't pick at someone else's grammar when yours, as well as your spelling, isn't any better, ***


I got a call from Paula Reid on 4\14\2011, to go in on Saturday 4\16\2011. Me and my dad (My mom isn't in my life anymore) went in, and sat for almost an hour watching a video. at around 11:30, a speaker came in (claiming to be an executive for Barbizon) and gave a 45 minute speech.

Well, I really wanted to try it out because I never had a mom to teach all this make-up stuff, or fashion or things like that. What I learned from about 9 years old up to now is basically from Television!

:? I don't know much about Barbizon, but I can tell you that I'm not getting very confident (like they CLAIM to make girls and boys), I feel skittish and very upset at hearing all the negativity. It sounds so legit to me, Idk what to do!


they called in my daughter for a short interview about doing commercials etc...and it ended up being 3 hours sitting around listing to the same BS we've heard from other 'talent'schools....One of the first warning signs? they separated the kids from the parents...putting us on opposite sides of the room from our kids so it would be harder for us to influence them while they did their presentation!

Naturally, we got a call back tonight and my daughter told her we can't afford it...the woman replied 'why didn't we tell her this yesterday at the interview' which she told her we did. The woman said, ok..well if things change, call and hung up rudely.

I notice a lot of the people who are the recruiters claim to be former graduates of the schools...I cannot help but see a similarity between these people and abused kids who turn around and abuse their own this case, they were scammed and brainwashed and are turning around and doing the same thing to others.


You people who think barbizon is a scam because your children nor you is model material u need to have passion for it and if you think barbizons criticism is harsh well you have another thing coming when you go to another agency and tell you something like lose weight stop hating barbizon is a SCHOOL to prepare you for the model world I go to barbizon of raleigh and i enjoy it you might have not because you can't model you just go and think you have what it takes when you do not


:( Sarah please stop calling us, we are not going to be scammed by you. no means no.

i don't believe anything you say anymore cuz you said the same stuff to my friends. tt


My advice to people do your research . She played my daughter against me , making me the bad guy.

She was calling my daughter's cell number . No, I'm the parent and if you really believe what you say in your speech , kids listen to your parents , then stick to it. We are not doing Barbizon and I'm going to talk to the school where you got my daughter's information and make sure you have to deal with the parent directly . And your rude, obnoxious, pushy sales tactics will not work on me or my family .

Although Barbizon has been around for a long time , and I don't know how the other ones work .

This is the Carolina's , and we believe in family values. And nobody is going to let you pressure us anymore.


I think it's a scam too . We live in NC if previous employees could come out with some information to protect my mom I would appreciate it.

Post the scripts , or the outline they use or video or audio recordings would be very helpful . Dateline NBC did it. Or maybe a news station could investigate and save people like my mom from these bad people. My moms the best, and I don't want her to pay a scam thinking it would make me happy.

Mom if your reading this, I lOVE YOU! And dont worry about this.


No they loved your daughter caluase she was 28 ponds or less diddnt they haha :Pzl


I WAS a student at barbizon once and i have to say they crush your self essteem saying u need to lose weight! Or how to put on ur makeup cause you look like a emo peraon!!!

BARBIZON is for perfect little 30 pound BARBIES!!!!!! :P


Number one barbizon is not a scam i don't know what barbizon u might have been to they are nice and work with u to afford it i just got accepted into barbizon today and it was 1500 and i got a 300 dollar scholarship so its not a scam so i dont believe one word u say okay so stop saying barbizon is a scam and i am a student at barbizon and its not a scam i recommend barbizon


The last two comment were probable a Barbizon employee. Thank you for all your help I was suppost to go today but this confirms it.

There was to many negative thing written about this company. Being a business person myself if there too many complaint there is something wrong.


I attended "Barbizon school of modeling". I know my mom payed at least $1000.00 or more but the classes lasted quite a few weeks and I learned a lot of very important things that would or could help me if I had moved on in the modeling world.

They teach you how to walk, pose, dress, stand, and the cost involves a customized make-up pack and they teach you how to apply it to best accentuate your features. I gained quite a bit of confidence from attending. It may have been a bit overpriced but I don't regret attending. I also hope my mom doesn't regret paying my way to gain these trade secrets.

Self esteem really isn't something you can put a pricetag on. In my opinion Barbizon isn't a rip off, maybe slightly over priced but that's the only negative I can point out.


Ok first of all my daughter went through barbizon and it did not cost $3000 and she also went to the IMTA competition and the Barbizon competition and neither one cost $8000 so I don't believe for a minute that you worked there. I also believe that if you did work there you didn't quite because you couldn't in your heart work for Barbizon because they were wonderful to my daughter and they are a wonderful organization. You were probably fired.

I absolutely loved Barbizon and so did my daughter. I hope people will realize the true value of this program. My daughter may never become a model or actor and I don't for a second regret paying the money to send her to Barbizon. She was an extremely shy and unhappy 14 year old before she went through Barbizon and came out a happy, confident and beautiful young lady. Her grades even went up. Parents I can tell you first hand from a mother that paid to send my child to Barbizon it is worth this for your child if that's what they want. Whether my daughter models a day in her life doesn't matter to me. It was something she was interested in so I invested in my child's interest. What we got out of Barbizon was so much more. Shame on this former employee for blasting such a wonderful company because of her own sour grapes. Not professional at all.

If you are thinking about Barbizon for your child I can tell you as a parent with exprience I would recommend them again and again. I am a Barbizon parent and proud of it!

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Barbizon outright lied to me!!

I was contacted by a Debra Rosenthal who said she wanted to "interview" my daughter for some upcoming spring print ad work. She said she received my daughter's name through a mall kiosk where she had filled out an entry form for a prize drawing.

While speaking with Ms. Rosenthal I specifically asked her if this was a JOB or a SCHOOL. She assured me that while Barbizon does have a school she was calling as a "scout" and that she was looking for girls to work immediately. I told her that I would be driving and hour and a half each way for this interview and that I was not interested in paying for my child to go to any type of school.

Once again she assured me that this interview had nothing to do with a school of any kind or paying for anything.

Yesterday I drove my daughter over 90 minutes to this "interview" only to sit through a 2 hour lecture which was of course, the sales pitch. After sitting through that agonizing speech, we had to wait for the "interview" with Debra. When we finally go to speak with her I confronted her about what she had told me.

Her answer? "Oh well she can do work right away...we can have her do local print work and she can work our kiosk in the mall..I will have Judy call that ok??" Not wanting to cause a scene in front of my daughter we left. Now tell me, if this place is indeed legitimate how did we go from sending her to school for over 2000 dollars to her getting work right away?? To all the moms out there...PLEASE do not waste your time unless you want to send your child to charm school because essentially that is all this place is!!!

I was lied to just to get may daughter in the room. Luckily she didn't fall for all the BS that was fed to her and realized it was a scam.

Barbizon Modeling School Reply:
We would like to apologize for your poor experience and for any information that may have mislead you. We can assure you it is not our company policy to mislead people. We strive to provide honest an open communication with our students, potential students and parents. We can also assure you that this will be addressed immediately. We would like to speak with you further in order to best address the situation and to also do what we can to make this right. Please contact us at and someone will personally contact you.
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment

They told us the same thing a year ago and we were first thinking it was a job and not any other speech about taking the school. In the end, my child was totally himiliate by what they call "scouts" and it was for a test in her ablitiy to handle rude people, but in the end she acted confident when she left like when she walked in.

But at home she is like any other girl crushed crying about how tough people are, and how we have done other interviews and they weren't as rude. Honestly if your are in the modeling industry as a so called charm school then your "scouts " have to be polite to their young girls. Even if it is stright forward, you don't need to try to boost down a childs confidence level. After that she tried to tell her what kind of print work she can be in.

Honestly in the end everyone goes to their school. HUGEST Scam I've seen, it's been in the internet for awhile now saying an agency is different than Barbizon.

Anyways, poor staffing, poor communication, poor results is all I have to say from my experences with my daughter. :(


We would like to apologize for your poor experience and for any information that may have mislead you. We can assure you it is not our company policy to mislead people.

We strive to provide honest an open communication with our students, potential students and parents. We can also assure you that this will be addressed immediately.

We would like to speak with you further in order to best address the situation and to also do what we can to make this right. Please contact us at parents@***.com and someone will personally contact you.

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Eve Nwl
map-marker Hicksville, New York


Umm .. Barbizon Called Me On Thursday and Said That I Have An Audition.

The Lady Said That It Was Completely Free So That I wouldnt Have To pay Anything but now that im reading some of these complaints , im starting to think that its just going to be another scam . So does anybody here has had experience with Barbizon ?

Please if so , i have a few questions to ask.

Ive been in a situation like this where I was confused but i convinced my mom to just at least give it a try and now i regret it. So This time if the money is too much , I'll have to look for a different place.

Barbizon Modeling School Reply:
You are correct in that there is never a fee to audition with Barbizon. Should you be selected for training, we do have a fee that would be comparable to any extra curricular activity. We are always happy to answer any questions you have and can be reached at
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I had known of barbizon since I was a little girl, I had friends who went there and have been doing modeling jobs on and off for 20 years... I put both my kids in the program, I am so happy that I did!!!

My kids are very comfortable with themselves in every aspect of thier life.... really confident. They both have been working in the field, more than I expected.

If you have a chance to do this.... go for it, you will not regret it.


I went to Barbizon and at graduation they said I had a big audition . Well it's for Imta which is 5000.00 .

The only other job I got was getting other people to sign up and I wasn't ever paid they said this is promotional modeling. It's such a scam.

They wanted me to just get more people to get money . :(


well barbizon MIDWEST is completely different than the other barbizon branches, all girls (and Guys) are offered a contract with royal model manegement after all training. sooo, look into in more not just this site, i wen through the training and i am soooo glad i did it


It is not free at all....there is a large deposit and then a montly fee...and no guarantees


The audition is free so they are telling the truth. It is a school though and there is a fee.

I went there and loved it and really got a lot out of it.

I would recommend them. I had a great experience with barbizon.


I just started Barbizon today, and ive learned so much already. I can tell its not a scam, and even if I don't become the next Angelina Jolie, I think I'll have a lot of confidence. It's 2200 dollars if you don't take a discounted plan; which yeah, it is a lot, but training for anything is not free.


I'm a member of Barbizon and yess its very exspensive but it teaches you alot and now I'm very good in alot of categories. I'm going on a cruise this august to represent Barbizon and compete. It is alot of money for the cruise but they give you time to save up and theres good tips and ideas to make money.My mother and I were not sure about the price of the cruise but i found out only 320 kids make it thats a fair amount.If you want sucess you have to work hard and be one of a kind, people need to understand that not eveyone can be accepted but if you realy want it you got to work as hard as you possible can.

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Dont know what to do

me and my dad just got off the phone with barbizon and they said i have a iterview on the 21 but i dont know if this is fake or what. if this i sgonna coast melots of money im goona be pissed.

i dont know what to do,i would love if this is for real but im not wasting my time with omething thats just a scam. has anyone eles exually think this is for real.

im really involed with modeling thing and really wana do it, they better not ruin my dream....... sooooo what should i do

Barbizon Modeling School Reply:
We hope the audtion process answered any outstanding questions you have but should you still have questions, concerns or unresolved issues, we are here to help. We can be reached at
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Barbizon is real! Yes it may cost but I just graduated in June 2014.

In this little time after graduation I have participated in four live runway shows (hair, prom, and casual).

They really do prepare and better you for the work industry. Take full advantage on this oppurtunity.


I am a firm believer in Barbizon!!! Yes I did have to put some money into myu daughter with them but it was work it.

Its just like anything else you do you have to do research and 9 times out of 10 you have to spend some money in order to get great results. The agents and casting directors you come incontact with through barbizon are exspensive people. They just are.And they have to be paid just like everyone else in order to get you to the proper place of success. My daughter is on a role because of them and her own talent wrapped up in one.

Now if you have a child that loves acting/modeling make sure they put there all into it and is willing to work hard at what they are pursuing because these agents arent fake at all and they really have the credentials you the actor/model needs to really make it. If you are one of those type of people who assume you can get by by just giving minimal personality, work ethic, will, drive and ambition this whole scenerio isnt for you. You waste time and money. And if there is a parent reading this and you are the type thats gonna force your chold into this industry this isnt for you either.

Otherwise this company is NO HOAX! They are real and really have great credentials.

I can vouche. I was scared at first but like I said my daughter had the ambition and now its paying off.


Barbrizon will cost you money but when they call it is no hoax. someone had to have recomended you. but they have been in buisness for almost 80 years


You meanthey have been ripping people off for 80years!


Do you how many call back did the contestants from Pennsylvania get? Where the 150 agents from 150 agencies? thank you for your honest response.


Because we are independently owned and operated, Barbizon Midwest is its own entity. Please be careful in clarifying which Barbizon you are referring to.

Barbizon Midwest is always happy to resolve any issues within our own company. Phone: 847-241-****

Email: Barbizonmidwestmodels@***.com

Check out our Barbizon MIDWEST website, blog (blogspot), facebook, twitter, or pinterest!


Dont worry , It's all legitimate . I just came from that same cruise yesterday it was so much fun and I gained a lot of new friends and contacts on the cruise .

You will get exposure on Passport To.

Discovery , I won my division and 5 other awards/scholarships plus I got a lot of callback not to mention I'm " African-American " lol so It's not a bias cruise. Good luck and congratulations to anyone who's going on the cruise & just left .


Yeah but you forgot to mention that the girls are required to PAY for this cruise! Barbizon is a JOKE. Even aftr paying the obscene amount of money for a total of 8 hours a month parents STILL have to buy the things the girls need for class.


Everyone, the Passport to Discovery is an EVENT not an agency. It is an event where they bring agents along so you can show them what you got. There seems to be a huge misconception in this submission.


ITS A SCAM! i actually went to try outs today, and my mom was sitting at the interveiw table thinking about it, she handed her credit card over and the lady did the work, the lady was supposed to take only160$ off my moms account and my mom cancelled it, the lady already took 700$ from her credit card, and the full payment is almost 2000$ any REAL agency would never ask for money. :(

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concerned a Zqs
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BARBIZON school of how to rip you off.

My neice has been signed with barbizon and they said she has a great unique look because she has natural red hair, naturally straigh teeth and now all they want is 2100.00 to teach her how to walk, put on makeup and do her hair...

*** i can do that for free.

there are noooooo guarentees ofjobs,if they were a modeling agency they would do your hair makeup and clothes...and pay friend is a pro photographer who has shot covers of seventeen and other mags...he said its all a scam to get her money.

Barbizon Modeling School Reply:
Barbizon is not an agency and we do not gurantee employement because no one can guarantee an outcome, not even an agency. We are a training program designed to offer opportunities and training in the areas of modeling, acting and personal development.
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

There is never a promise made to anyone for anything really that you

can truly believe. You must always go into the arts with a promise to work hard and have fun with this. you will never lose, anyway.

The magic of being a model you will have always. If your child is good at

what they are doing and you support them with a smile...they will get an can happen. They just need to work hard. Simple.


it's so obvious that people who compliment barbizon works for them :)


I think everyone on here is right

They aren't guaranteeing any gigs

In fact, most will tell you that "no gigs" is what you can expect.

They are offering some services, for a set amount of money , whioch they are publishing right up front

So, it's pretty simple: if you think these limited services are worth the price being quoted, go for it. If no, don't.

I'd recommend the 'Don't" option, but to each his own

A rip off? No.

but at the saem time..

A company offering a valued service at a reasonable price? No


I agree with Lynn. Barbizon is upfront about everything and is very supportive and helping.

Not only did I learn such wonderful methods I also learned great poise and how to represent myself. I have been to many places and people tell me I have great confidence and wonderful skills. My mother and I are very pleased with what Barbizon has done to improve me and help me to follow my ambition. It's not a scam it's a way to have sucess and learn.

And if you are 1 out of 150 then you can be 1 out of 1 million. :)


Barbizon is definitely not a scam I can tell you from first hand experience. I attended the school over 5 yrs ago and they teach you etiquette, makeup tips, how to dress in certain settings amongst other things.

But the most important thing that I would say that I learned was CONFIDENCE something that is extremely important in any field you get in to...and as a young girl the time I was so shy but being there brought out so much confidence that I am proud of having today.

Also after ithe training I was exceptd to go to new york with a selected few of girls who attended the school for a week of a hands on experience of getting into modeling/acting with seminars, photoshoots and much more. I did get the chance to do a fantastic photoshoot but in the end we weren't able to pay for the trip to new york(couple thousand) but overall I would say it was still such a great experience for me and I think it is for any young girl to gain friends, confidence, have fun, and potentially gain career...(but mainly for the experience) :)


I agree with Cheryl. My daughter was one of the 150 selected young ladies out of the 700 they interviewed and then they told us of the Barbizon Modelling school, which we knew about when she signed up for the audition because it was on the poster.

They offer payment plans and for teens who do not have anyone as lucky as your teen to teach them the "proper" model look and walk, then the school will help them get started and will help them think of whether they are really interested in pursuing becoming a model or not.

We could not afford the school for our daughter so we were told that she would have to audition again next year and if she has the look that they are looking for at that time, then she will be chosen is not a sure bet.

This company is not fraudulent and I think you should post an apology for trying to place a negative mark against them.


I don't really understand why you posted this. It seems the company was up front with you telling you the money was for training and that they could not guarantee a job for your niece.

It's not like they lied to you.

If you think you can train your neice better then the simple solution is to not sign up for their training in actuality they didn't rip you off at all. You just posted something slanderous and the company did nothing wrong.

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map-marker Stockton, California

Used my child in an attempt to profit

Today, a woman stopped my child in the mall and said she had a great look and invited us to a Barbizon event. My daughter wanted to give it a shot, so knowing how these things work I explained to her true agencies only want you to maybe pay for headshots/portfolio, as far as training, they will invest in you. (That is a summary).

Well anyway, after going through the whole thing and I explained to the "Talen Director" that I feel that if they really feel that she has what it takes, I do not feel that I should have to pay them.

At this point the "Executive Director" said to me in front of my child "Sine you do not want to make an investment, it is obvious you do not support your child".

When I began to tell her that supporting my daughter comes from my heart and not my checkbook she said "let's step away you are embarassing your daughter". I have never been so livid in my life.

Barbizon Modeling School Reply:
We would like to offer our sincerest apologies for the way you were treated. We can assure you this is not a true representation of Barbizon and will address this immediately. We would like to speak with you further so we can best address the situation. Please email our Customer Relations Team at and we will have a company representative contact you.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Thank you for the advice, Few weeks ago, someone stop my Daughter, in the movie theatre, invited her to an audition in some Hotel, now i am consider to Assist i am Seek about some Scam agency, May Daughter already been Scam of JRP, Years ago. they had told her She was going to be Very sussed, and BLablabla…..

We spent 6000 Dollars for the training she had, now she had done some print Jobs and she is been in a commercial, but never thru John Robert power, after that i sign her with another agency…… because they never offer her a Job.

please anybody out there can tell me, how or we can i take my daughter to Audition for A real LA producer or a Casting Directors because i know she got what it takes to be in the big Screen… thank you…( Despered Mom). anybody HELP !!!!


Thanks for your advice. Me & my child was approached & invited tonight to meet up for perhaps a hotel siminar Sunday.

Now I'm reconsidering.

Thank you again. :sigh


That is unfortunate you had that situation. My daughter went to Barbizon and it was wonderful.

The folks at Barbizon were always so nice to us and my daughter really got a lot out of their programs. As far as paying money to an agency, no you shouldn't but Barbizon is not just an agency, they are a training facility. That is why there is a fee...for the training. I understand your concern, we are always cautious when it comes to our children and we should be.

I can assure you though that Barbizon is normally a very reputable company and normally the people associated with Barbizon are really nice. Best of luck.


We would like to offer our sincerest apologies for the way you were treated. We can assure you this is not a true representation of Barbizon and will address this immediately.

We would like to speak with you further so we can best address the situation. Please email our Parent Relations Team at parents@***.com and we will have a company representative contact you.

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Alyssa P Ssk
map-marker Rochester, Minnesota

Confused about Barbizon!!!

I was just called by Barbizon and i'm not really sure what to make of it. They set up a one on one interview with me at a scheduled time and told me that they pretty much hook girls up with modeling jobs where you can make a lot of money quick.

The rep on the phone went on and on about how there are a bunch of scholarship opportunities and things that sound pretty legit. I don't know if i should go to the meeting or not. I would love to get modeling jobs for the money but i'm not interested in going to some school. Help!!!

Is this too good to be true? :/

Barbizon Modeling School Reply:
We are always happy to answer any questions you have about our program or address any concerns, you can contact us directly at
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Keep in mind, "MANY" of these posting may come from the scammers who work for barbizon and search for sites just like your postings to give you a POSITIVE feed back!!


Look people, You GET what you PAY for... If you pay to go to Harvard University OR Your local Community college.

The "OUTCOME" is the more you pay the better the results with ANY SCHOOL And Barbizon is A SCHOOL, But Not a "VERY GOOD ONE"... A "TRUE REAL" Modeling school is going to cost you HUGE BUCKS 30,000 - 40,000 THOUSAND (Same as regular college) but You will have a better OUTCOME.

So if you are willing to pay Barbizon for 7 months and 25 TOTAL hours of school, Its more than likely NOT enough school hours to land you a REAL MODELING JOB!! OR CAREER


I have been with Barbizon for 6 years now, and they have helped me in so many ways. The training was so great for my confidence, i finally can give group presentations and I feel good.

After graduating my program i applied for my placement packet. About 6 months passed and I started to get calls for Auditions with major casting directors and agents. I went to IMTA and now am signed with Ford MM. I think Barbizon gives girls the skills to make it in life and helps them discover their real beauty.

Just like anything in life you have to work hard and keep trying to meet you goals.

Thank you Barbizon. :)))


There is nothing on their website that gives you the cost of the classes. Can someone help me out?


I was kind've leary about my daughter attending Barbizon as well. We decided to go ahead and start her here.

She is now a grad and has had a few local opportunities which turned out well. My daughter's confidence and overall knowledge of modeling & acting is now at the point where she feels comfortable for auditioning for various types of things. You have to start somewhere. I sure as heck dont know all the walks and poses to teach my daughter.

With the fierce competition out there I dont mind paying to get her trained and set up with local things. There a few pissed parents but theres 1,000's of happy parents. This is just another way to keep my daughter involved in something positive and she can make money here and there. We transfered from Tampa to Rhode Island and alls I had to do was call them and update her profile.

Everything has been a pleasure. From the 1st call throughout the whole process.


Ok, I'm a mother who knows alot about this school. Please Listen very carefully.

This is a school. They teach alot about modeling,You will pay alot of money, to only get a certificate at the end, No jobs, Barbizon is good for learning the basics,the money is only for using their name when you land and agency and become rich and famous.


I went to Barbizon so I think I can help you. First of doesn't really sound like you are "pissed" so I don't know why you you chose this site.

Anyway, Barbizon is infact a school. They do help their graduates find jobs but they are not an agency. They do teach you a lot though and I loved my classes. In terms of them being legit...100% Barbizon is legit.

They do offer a college scholarship they give away every year and I think you can win Barbizon scholarships.

I would say, go to the meeting and ask them all of the questions you have. Take your mom with you so she can ask questions too.

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Babizon is a scam

I went to barbizon I even went to a barbizon competition and guess what, they don't do anything for you, They don't help you get jobs, they WON"T help you find agencies to work for (even though they say they will). It doesn't help your career in the least bit, honestly its a waste of time and money you can go to any photographer and have the same pictures taken for less. Socialy it is fun, a bunch of girls getting together doing make-up and talking about how we want to be famous but I'm still sitting in little ole' Vermont waitressing...THANKS BARBIZON...NOT

Barbizon Modeling School Reply:
When you completed the Barbizon program, we offer an opporutnity to enter our "placement division" in which we alert you of castings and provide listings of agents and managers in your area. Did you request your placement packet, complete it and send it back to us?
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Poor customer service

it's so obvious that people who compliment barbizon works for them :)


Top 5 things they need to know before you get accepted.

1. Time (can you get to class?)

2. Transportation

3. Parents Support (money)

4. Intrest (u want modeling or acting?)

5. Money (how you gonna pay?)

This is the formula used in your interview