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Barbizon Modeling School
Main address: 3111 N University Drive - Suite 1002 33065 Coral Springs Florida
1-888-999-9404, ,
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  • Nov 24
  • Schools
  • San Gabriel, California
  • Enrollment Fee
  • 82

During the enrollment fee payment, I decided to use my card. Then they asked for my ssn. Being gullible, still young, and never going through a scam before, I thought it was normal. I didn't even ask what they needed it for, when I should have. But the next day, my bank alerted me with a text and email asking for confirmations on if I had used my card out of state. Long story short, they're a... Read more

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  • Nov 12
  • Entertainment
  • New York, New York
  • Positive Experience
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  • 456

I would like to say that I am sorry for anyone on here who has had a bad experience with Barbizon but it is not a scam and i can honestly say that Barbizon has given me so much experience for life and has given me so much confidence over the years that I could never repay them. The classes were well worth it and the teachers were amazing and I could never forget the Barbizon experience. I went... Read more

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It not a scam it more like a school they evan say mostly u wont b a model for living it more like a hobby and it set u up for local jobs this is more for fun if u expect this make u a huge full time moe dont show tbh the advage model only works succesfullh for 5 years Add comment

  • Nov 05
  • Schools
  • Modeling Training
  • 634

I too a had a bad experience with barbizon. They told me my child was selected out of 3300 applicants and she was 1 of the top 400. Well needless to say they set you up for the kill when they tell you if you are selected you will have to pay up front for training. If someone is really interested in you for your talents they will absorb the cost when you start making money. This woman "Jay" told... Read more

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  • Nov 03
  • Schools
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Classes
  • 415

I took these classes myself when I was a sophomore in high school. It was such a waste of my parents money and if I could take it back I would. I learned absolutely nothing from this and it was EXTREMELY overpriced for what they did. Literally my mom spent thousands on pointless stuff they said we needed. My "classes" were done a small meeting room in a janky Holiday Inn and everyone in the class... Read more

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  • Nov 02
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  • Positive Experience
  • 271

I signed on with Babizon in 2009. I have been in over 100 Hair Shows and have done multiple recruiting events for the company in Western MA. It's a great place to start a modeling career. The key thing is you needs to stay on top of them when it comes to finding out when new events come to your area. CALL, CALL, CALL that's my motto with them and also provide them with your current email address... Read more

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Barbazon is a rip off mada fukka. They make me sick. My *** wife and daughter was sold by *** name patty to use credit card and botches max it out so patty can make her commision Add comment

  • Sep 21
  • Schools
  • Abingdon, Maryland
  • Modeling Agency
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  • 1454

Barbizon has always been a scam "modeling agency" I know every good business will get bad reviews here and there from people with axes to grind but look at the ragtime reviews, everyone can't be wrong. This business is a predatory company that preys on lower-middle class parents and children with hopes and dreams. I am not a competitor, I am a Father who's daughter was put in the hands of this... Read more

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  • Sep 16
  • Schools
  • Money Refund
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  • 1577

Hi I am a 16 year old girl and about 8 months ago I signed a contract with an modeling agency for 1300. One day after signing that contract my grandma was admitted to the hospital and fell really sick and my family realized that we did not have the time or money for it. I called and told them I want a full refund and they said that they would have it done for me. Its been about 8 months now and... Read more

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